1957 Plymouth Directory

The Forward Look

Forward Look was a design theme employed by Virgil Exner in styling the 1955 through 1961 Chrysler Corporation vehicles.

Chrysler vehicles were being fashioned by engineers instead of designers, and so were considered outmoded, unstylish designs. Exner fought to change this structuring, and got control over the design process, including the clay prototypes and the die models used to create production tooling.

Plymouth Belvedere convertibles were only produced from 1957 to 1959

Video of the Plymouth Arrival

What's the Power-Pak Package?

Original Power-Pak parts are indicated by an "A" at the end of the part number.

1. Special Distributor - Auto-Lite p/n IBP4003A
2. Special Four-barrel Carter WCFB Carburetor 385 CFM - Tag# 2530SA
3. Special intake manifold - Four-barrel Casting # 1619826
4. Larger air cleaner with a paper filter for the first time, previously were oil bath
5. Dual Exhaust for less back pressure
6. 235 HP (More horsepower)

History of my 57 Plymouth Convertible

Below are old photos when Mr. Elgin in Salem Indian purchased the car in 1982. It was already 25 years old.
The original color was a solid Carnival Red (code JJJ) and had no Sportone stripe down the side.

It had 67,000 miles on the odometer according to the pink slip in 82.
It had 77,100 miles on it when I purchased it June 1, 2010 some 27 years later.
Mr. Elgin had put 10,100 miles on it in 27 years.
When I had the rear end overhauled the mechanic said it had the original leather seals and very little wear on the bearings. In his opinion it is showing the original miles on the speedometer. The rear end had never been opened.

Ouch my fin needs help...

It looks pretty straight overall...

That trunk lid needs work.... I can't read the bumper sticker, can you?

The interior was Red/Black Velva-grain Vinyl with Black Flight Weave cloth inserts and Silver Mylar on the doors

The carpets were gone...as was the ash tray in the back of the seat.

The floor pans had been worked over at some time (all convertibles leak).

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